The Dinners

Dr. Caroline JonesThe Night of a 1000 Dinners 4 Nature is chaired by Dr. Caroline Jones out of Austin, Texas. Caroline is a Entrepreneur, Dentist, Innovator, Speaker, Business Coach and a Catalyst for Positive Change. Click here to read Dr. Jones’ blog about why she supports conservation work in Canada.

Did you know that nearly 70% of ALL North American waterfowl are estimated to breed in Canada?  Every year billions of birds breed in Canada and migrate to the U.S. and beyond. FNCC is working in partnership with Canada’s largest conservation organization to support on-the-ground wetland (and other migratory bird habitat) conservation in Canada that benefits the U.S. Every U.S. dollar raised will be quadrupled!*

Thank you to everyone who is hosting an event this weekend! There is extra information to support your dinner here. Check out this wonderful video to get inspired and learn more about why this event matters.

Not able to host a dinner? Consider donating to our Flyway Challenge!

Flyways_MapWhich Flyway will you support?

Atlantic Flyway

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Pacific Flyway

* If you are from outside the U.S. thank you for your support! You can still donate but we can’t promise the same 3:1 match as U.S. donations help unlock a specific pot of U.S. funds.

In support of the Night of a 1000 Dinners 4 Nature, Austin band BULR has created a new song called Raise Up. Listen to it here and play it during your event. Read the beautiful lyrics here.