Gifts of U.S. cash and securities

Gifts of cash:

Painted Turtle, Ontario (Photo by NCC)

Painted Turtle, Ontario (Photo by NCC)

Your generous contribution will make a big difference.

Donating by check – Please make checks payable to “American Friends of Canadian Nature, Inc.” and mail them to:

American Friends of Canadian Nature
245 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 410
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M4P 3J1

Donating by credit card – If you prefer to give on-line by credit card, please click here: (Please note that the new name of American Friends of Canadian Nature, Inc. will be updated soon. All donation will be honored).

Donors may recommend that AFCN use their donation to support a particular project or to support a qualifying Canadian conservation charity such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada, though AFCN will not accept contributions that are specifically directed to any organization other than AFCN. Donors who wish to make grant recommendations should include those recommendations with their contribution.

Gifts of publicly traded securities:

If you wish to make a gift of publicly traded securities, please contact AFCN to make arrangements.