American Friends of Canadian Nature


In Canada and the United States, we still have the opportunity to protect ecologically significant lands and the wildlife species that rely on them for survival. To provide North America’s wildlife with the space it needs to thrive, conservation must be undertaken at a landscape level. This is why American Friends of Canadian Nature (AFCN) supports conservation work in Canada that benefits both the U.S. and Canada.

Transboundary conservation takes smart planning and a long-range vision. We are proud to be a part of building a legacy that will ripple through the lives of our grandchildren and beyond. AFCN works with a variety of Canadian partners including the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Kenauk Institute to deliver the results that nature deserves.

Since 2005, AFCN has invested upwards of U.S. $20 million in priority conservation projects across Canada.

Your donations bring our cross-border vision to life. Donate today or contact us for more information.