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It will take a relentless, passionate, generous and committed group to make sure the places we cherish today will be there tomorrow. Together, we are capable of ensuring that our natural wonders live on for generations to come. To accomplish this great achievement, your support is essential, now.

If you feel a special connection to an area in Canada or are particularly interested by a species and would like to do your part in protecting them, let us know. We will do our best to direct your donation to a relevant project or organization.

It should be noted that some of the projects featured on this website are still in need of funding. Should you wish to donate in support of one of these initiatives, contact us at

By donating to AFCN, you have the opportunity to help protect North American bird species, safeguard key conservation corridors, fund cutting-edge research and take part in the ongoing effort towards large-scale conservation.

AFCN accepts donations from U.S. citizens, residents, taxpayers, corporations and foundations. Donations of U.S. cash and securities, as well as land donations are welcomed. Click here (link to ‘types of donations’ section) to learn more about the types of donations and how you can contribute today.

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